Meet the Instructor

Chief Executive Officer

Tonie Piper

Founder and CEO of Lighthouse Child Visits

Tonie has over 8 years of experience working with youth. Over the years, she has worked by mentoring, educating and motivating children and families. During these years of service, she has developed more of a strong interest in education, social and behavioral health. With her experience and education, she has the ability to use customized approaches to be able to adapt to different personalities, developments, humor, curriculum creation, perseverance and dedication to each individual as a way to build and maintain therapeutic relationships of all kinds.

Course curriculum

    1. Understanding the Foundation

    2. Role of Professional Visitation Monitor

    3. Professional Visitation Monitor: A Brief Introduction

    4. Supervised Visitation

    5. Supervised Visitation: A Check for Understanding

    6. Legal Obligations of Professional Visitation Monitor

    7. Confidentiality

    8. Expectations of Monitors

    9. Legal Responsibilities of Monitors: A Check for Understanding

    1. Working with the Courts

    2. Family Law: A Summary

    3. Purpose of Family Court Services

    4. Family Law Review Activity

    5. California Uniform Standards 5.20 (Rules of the Court)

    6. California 5.20 Review Activity

    7. Supervised Visitation Monitor and Obligations to the Court

    8. Preparing to Testify

    1. Review a Court Order (Instructions)

    2. Custody and Visitation Orders

    3. Court Order with Restraining Order Review Activity

    4. Court Order (Review)

    5. Minute Order Sample

    6. Minute Order Review Activity

    7. Minute Order Review

    8. Stipulation Order Sample

    9. Stipulation Order Review Activity

    10. Stipulation Order Review

    1. Record Keeping

    2. Intake

    3. Intake: Let's Go Deeper

    4. Intake Docs (Editable Resource)

    5. Intake Process Check for Understanding

    6. Observing and Recording

    7. Visitation Notes

    8. Sample Visit Notes

    9. Visit Notes (Templates)

    10. Let's Talk Reports

    11. Visitation Report Sample

    12. Visitation Report Practice Visit Scenario #3 (Visit #1)

    13. Visitation Report Practice Visit Scenario #3 (Visit #2)

    14. Visitation Report Practice Lesson

    1. Screening, Monitoring and Termination of Visitation

    2. Skills Needed for Monitoring

    3. Skills Needed for Monitoring: Communication

    4. Skills for Monitoring: Intervening

    5. Skills for Monitors: Conflict Resolution

    6. Skills Needed for Monitoring: Modeling

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